// Fake unicorns are everywhere... Just give me one or two more, so I'll build a cool Tech Frankenstein, assembled with unicorpse organs and the best body parts, all properly stitched and welded together, reinforced with carbon, Kevlar, invaluable experiences, agility, and radical pivotability :-//

Sergio Argento // Many Hats >>

  • Activist Investor
  • Startup Catalyst
  • Corporate Darth Vader

Activist investor, post-futurist, and advisor to tech companies, corporations, and founders who thrive or... sometimes fail in Silicon Valley, Asia Pacific, Latam, and Africa. Passionate about ancient languages, yachting, education, and space exploration.

Before embarking on my Venture Journey, I held senior strategic, investment and advisory roles at organizations like SoftBank, LaSalle, Chambers, various think tanks, foundations, and more, where my daily routine was saturated with corporate and bureaucratic "substance" - from breakfast meetings and corporate lunches to VIP dinners, including boardroom meetings, airport lounge meetings, countless videoconferences (in the pre-ZOOM era), and all other sorts of unproductive meetings that large corporations cherish.

Thanks to all those super frequent and posh flights to 48 countries just to have more meetings with great people (if lucky) but mostly with other mediocre people like myself I’ve decided to stop this corporate speed dating madness and began using my networks, expertise, and experience to reinforce, catalyze existing or emerging endeavors, initiatives and teams whose only goals are to Disrupt, Transform and Achieve.

By the way, YOU... should immediately forget about my mere existence and continue watching your favorite TV show IF:

  1. If a predictable future and a comfort coma are what you see as your true life goals.
  2. If the inevitable automation, singularity, and robots still sound like Sci-Fi to you.
  3. If you still think that a college or university degree, high grades, and extracurricular activities will save you or your children from permanent scrolling, binge-watching, immersing in swamps of dysfunctional inspirations, and being thankful for UBI (Universal Basic Income).

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